Professional Development on a Limited Budget

professional development

In the nonprofit world, we are always trying to make the dollars go a little further. For some organizations, having a professional development budget is unfathomable and for others it can be hard to ask for this funding when money is already so tight; after all, we are saving kids, puppies and trees.

Even if your organization does not have a professional development budget, there are still plenty of ways for you and your team to get the training you need to take your organization to the next level. Build your skill sets on a limited budget with these free webinars:

  • On GrantSpace, we offer a number of free webinars on proposal writing, finding funding, fundraising planning, and more. Don’t forget to also check out the Foundation Center’s in-person events.
  •  4Good has a large collection of free nonprofit webinars presented by an array of consultants and nonprofits. Webinar topics include strategic planning, board development, executive management, fundraising, and marketing.
  • Nonprofit Tech for Good offers free webinars on everything related to social media and blogging.
  • CharityVillage makes their webinar recordings available for free. Topics include job searching tips, time management, fundraising, and marketing.
  • Network for Good offers free webinars on all things fundraising.
  • Firespring provides free webinars on all things nonprofit marketing.
  • CharityHowTo: Improve your annual fundraising campaign with these free webinars.
  • OnGood: Free webinars on social media, visual content, and blogging.
  • VolunteerMatch: Become a volunteer engagement expert with these free webinars.
  • Techsoup: Get your tech questions answered with these free webinars.
  • GuideStar hosts free webinars on governance, financials and transparency. 

On the topic of professional development, is your nonprofit employer willing to contribute financially to your professional development?