Favorite posts of 2015

As we look into 2016 I would like to look back at just a few of Foundation Center Cleveland’s favorite blog posts of 2015:

Will Your Nonprofit Sink or Swim in the Advocacy Pool?

In fact, organizations and funders are often on two sides of the same coin with respect to identifying issues ripe for advocacy. While community organizations that know their target populations intimately are well-positioned to discern and document unmet needs that funders can help them to address, funders are also apt to recognize emerging unmet needs, by detecting trends and making connections across funding requests.

 A Perfect Combination: The Cleveland Neighborhood Model For Urban Health Care Education

How many people have unrealized dreams of improving the health and well-being of people in their community but lack the resources that are necessary to successfully realize them? Ironically, these are the same dreams that could transform the health of people who live in their communities and do not have access to primary health care. It could be the perfect combination for impact—people who are from the community helping those in the community.

 Meeting In The Middle: Intersectionality

“Talk about intersectionality: too poor, too black, too gay. For all these folk, somebody always thinks they deserve more than them.” LaTosha Brown challenged the audience at Foundation Center Cleveland's Rising Tide Remix to get uncomfortable and to examine who makes them so.”

 Overcoming Fundraising Reluctance: Tips for Board Members

A common refrain among executive directors is that board members aren’t involved enough in fundraising. Fundraising, however, is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a board member. Here are a few ideas for board members to get more comfortable with fundraising.

 Dear Artists, Stop Turning In Bad Grant Applications

If we can't play the same game the rest of the world plays in terms of professionalism, how can we be expected to be taken seriously (i.e., paid)? Here are a few tips from your friendly neighborhood artist/activist who has taken several turns as a grant/fellowship reviewer and recipient.

 Top Five Strategies to Raise More Money From Foundations

How can you spend more time asking for support and less time writing proposals? Here are five strategies to streamline your foundation fundraising program and ensure that you spend your time as effectively and efficiently as possible.

 Professional Development on a Limited Budget

Free professional development opportunities to help you move forward in your nonprofit career. 

I hope you enjoyed these posts and look forward to more posts in 2016! 




Brian Schultz, Community Outreach Manager. Brian connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to succeed. Brian conducts trainings and special programming designed to advance knowledge of philanthropy at every level. Brian developed and manages a popular series called Rising Tide, which explores innovation for good and philanthropy’s role in catalyzing meaningful change. Brian is a Cleveland native with a strong love of the city and is committed to its social sector. 

Connect: bss@foundationcenter.org