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Organizing Your Board to Get Things Done

December 26, 2018

On the continuum from perfection to "oh dear", there are probably a few boards that have it all together. But wherever your board is in that range, there is almost certainly a way to align its practices more closely to the needs of your mission. And this doesn't always mean having to be better, sometimes it just means being different.  

Making Effective Collaboration Possible

Making Effective Collaboration Possible

May 24, 2017

What if someone told you to avoid collaboration if possible. Now I’ve got your attention, huh. That’s the warning given, in bright bold orange letters, in the opening pages of the Fund for Our Economic Future’s Collaboration Handbook. “Collaboration should only be pursued when it is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired change,” writes Chris Thompson, the handbook’s author. “Collaboration should never be the goal,” he goes on. “It is a means to the goal.”

And then, he says this: “But just because collaboration is needed doesn’t mean it is possible.”

5 Factors that Make Collaborations Work

5 Factors that Make Collaborations Work

June 6, 2016

Here are five essentials to making collaboration work, based on the actual experiences of social sector leaders, who graciously shared their insights at a May 19 meetup and happy hour devoted to partnerships at Foundation Center West.

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"Know Thyself" Before Collaborating

May 24, 2016

Before successful partnerships can be established, an organization must first "Know Thyself." We have rounded up some articles that will help you know your organization better, find examples, and communicate your successful partnerships well.