Making a Culture of Fundraising Real

January 9, 2018

Creating a culture of fundraising is not just about introducing the concept of fundraising more deeply into the organization. It’s about aligning a set of behaviors internally that drive the success you’re looking for, which, in this case, is more effective fundraising.

Forty Years of Dreamers and Doers

Forty Years of Dreamers and Doers

December 1, 2017

Cleveland, as a city, was picking itself up and dusting itself off when Foundation Center Midwest opened its doors in 1977. Now, 40 years later, Foundation Center Midwest and its supporters paused to take a moment to acknowledge the power of the region and Foundation Center’s part in bringing the philanthropic community together by serving as a trusted source of data, a convener, and a capacity builder throughout 13 states.


Using Descriptive Analytics for Donor Engagement

November 27, 2017

Which donors should you engage with before the end of the year? Data-driven strategies can help you figure that out. Hear from Zach Shefska, Director of the Fundraising Report Card, to learn tactics for helping you focus your attention on the right donors at the right time to maximize your capacity to raise money.