Cleveland on The Rise: A Century In The Making

June 22, 2015

The years of our city’s inferiority complex should be well behind us at this point. The dynamic and ever present advances we as a community are making (from social innovation to the arts and from economic development to education) present a city which has matured and is leading on many fronts. Where once we defaulted to positions of political and economic defeatism, we have now emerged into a “can do culture”; one that claims the future not shies away from it.

With respect to the philanthropy, one genesis point for this “can do culture” dates back just over a hundred years with the advent of the world’s first community foundation (the Cleveland Foundation) created by Frederick Goff.

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5 Quotes to Transform Your Nonprofit Storytelling

April 29, 2015

As storytelling has jumped to the top of the nonprofit communications priority list, many of the clients we work with feel both invigorated and overwhelmed by the challenge of telling their organization’s stories. Just like good stories, good quotes are made of ideas so memorable and succinct that they are easily passed along. Here are five.